On-Street Parking (Bays)

On-street parking Bays

As well as the numerous car parks and park and ride sites in Winchester it is also possible to park on-street in certain locations, see the parking map.

Tickets can be obtained for parking for a maximum of 1 hour on certain roads in the city centre, with two locations allowing up to 2 hours. There are also areas where drivers can park for free for up to one hour, two hours, four hours, or with no limit.

It is possible for people such as removal men or glaziers to apply for parking waivers when they need to park on specific restricted roads for specified periods of time.

Apply for a parking waiver to park on stretches of road for specified periods.

A parking bay suspension request may be made when a specific parking bay or parking bays are required for a particular activity to be carried out, where it would not be possible from any other position or parking place.

Apply for a parking bay suspension.

On-Street Pay and Display Tariff

From 9th January 2012, the tariffs for the On-Street pay and display parking bays are as follows: -

Pay and Display - Monday to Saturday 8am- 6pm, except for Symmonds Street which is 8am-10pm: -

On-Street Parking Bays in Winchester
Up to ½ Hour (ticket required) Up to 1 Hour Up to 1 and ½ Hours Up to 2 Hours

£ £ £ £
Andover Road Free 1.10 N/A N/A
Colebrook Street Free 1.30 N/A N/A
Market Lane Free 1.30 N/A N/A
North Walls (North Side) Free 1.30 N/A N/A
North Walls (South Side) Free 1.30 2.00 2.70
Parchment Street Free 1.30 N/A N/A
St Peter Street Free 1.30 N/A N/A
The Broadway Free 1.30 N/A N/A
The Square Free 1.30 N/A N/A
Tower Street Free 1.30 N/A N/A
Upper High Street Free 1.10 N/A N/A
Victoria Road Free 1.10 N/A N/A
Water Lane Free 1.10 N/A N/A

Sunday All Day - FREE

On-Street Free Limited Waiting

Free limited waiting parking places can be found in Winchester in the following locations:

Parking Limited to One hour with no return within Two hours
College Street (Shared Use - Zone C)
Culver Road (Shared Use - Zone C)
Hyde Street (Shared Use - Zone P)
Kingsgate Road (Shared Use - Zone V)
Parchment Street (Shared Use - Zone M)
Stockbridge Road
Wales Street (North-West Side) (Shared Use - Zone V

Parking Limited to Two hours with no return within Four hours
Beaufort Road (Shared Use - Zone A)
Cheriton Road (Shared Use - Zone K)
Christchurch Road (Shared Use - Zone A)
College Street (Shared Use - Zone C)
College Walk (Shared Use - Zone W)
Compton Road (Shared Use - Zone A)
Edgar Road (Shared Use - Zone A)
Garnier Road
Greenhill Road (Shared Use - Zone T)
Hatherley Road (Shared Use - Zone L)
Hyde Gate (Shared Use - Zone I)
Hyde Street (Shared Use - Zone I)
Mead Road (Shared Use - Zone F)
Petersfield Road (Shared Use - Zone X)
Ranelagh Road (Shared Use - Zone F)
Romans Road (Shared Use - Zone C)
Saxon Road (Shared Use - Zone I)
St Catherines Road (Shared Use - Zone X)
St Cross Road (Shared Use - Zone V)
St Pauls Hill (Shared Use - Zone J)
Stockbridge Road (Shared Use - Zone L)
Vale Road (Shared Use - Zone X)
Wales Street (South-East Side) (Shared Use - Zone B)

Parking Limited to Four hours with no return within Eight hours
Barnes Close (Shared Use - Zone F)
Clausentum Road (Shared Use - Zone V)

Parking - No Limit
Alresford Road
Bereweeke Avenue
Bereweeke Road
Whiteshute Lane