Residents On-Street Parking Permits

Download the Resident On-Street Permit Information section to find out about eligibility, property zone identification and parking options. Please also see the Zone Information for residents in Weeke.

Download the Resident On-Street Permit Application Form to apply for on-street resident and visitor parking permits.

  • On-Street Resident / Visitor Parking Permits

    If you are a resident of a qualifying property situated within one of Winchester’s Permit Parking Zones, you can apply for parking permits to allow parking within the On-Street parking places marked with your Zone letter. As there may be more cars than places where permit holders' parking bays can be provided, the issue of a permit cannot guarantee you a parking space.

    • Resident Parking Permits are issued to residents who own or keep a vehicle and can be used for parking that vehicle only.
    • Visitor Parking Permits are issued to residents for parking while the driver is at the property.
    • Visitor Scratchcard Permits are issued for one day use parking while the driver is at the property.
    • Permits are not required for motorcycles, which may park in the permit parking areas free of charge.
    • Permits cannot be used for parking a vehicle of over six meters in length.
  • Applying For On-Street Parking Permits

    To apply for On-Street Resident or Visitor Parking Permits, please complete the application form and post or deliver to Parking Services with the requested documents and payment.

    Documents Required
    Proof of Residency
    is required for any Resident, Visitor or Scratchcard Permit application or renewal, you should always enclose one of the following as Proof of Residency: -

    • Council Tax Demand (most recent)
    • Household utility bill - Water / Gas / Electric (issued within the last 3 months)
    • Signed formal tenancy agreement (if applying for permits at time of initial occupation of property)
    • A letter from an instructed Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer confirming completion of house purchase (if applying for permits at time of initial occupation of property)

    Proof of Vehicle Ownership is required for a Resident Parking Permit Application unless you are renewing a permit for the same vehicle.

    • Vehicle Registration Document
    • Hiring/Leasing agreement
    • A recent letter from your employer (if the vehicle is a company car) confirming that the vehicle is owned/leased by the company and that you are the sole keeper and user
    • Insurance Certificate (current)
    • Garage bill of sale or insurance cover note (if you have purchased the vehicle within the last month)
    • Please Note: If you are applying for the discount for a low emission vehicle resident permit, you must supply the Vehicle Registration Document with your application to show the vehicle's CO2 g/km


    Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, postal orders or cheque (made payable to Winchester City Council). You may pay by cash if you deliver your application to the Parking Services Counter. Please do not send cash by post.

  • Permit Parking Zones

    Your permit parking zone is determined by the location of your property. Please see the Permit Information section to identify the zone in which your property is situated and whether it is within the Inner Area or Outer Area for permit parking.

    In some circumstances, one road may cross over into several permit zones and across Inner and Outer Area parking zones, where part of the road is in one zone another part in another zone. Your permit parking zone will be that which your property is situated within.

    In some circumstances, only part of the road falls within the area for permit parking entitlement, for example St Cross Road. If you are unsure which zone your property is situated within or whether it is within a permit zone area please email Parking Services, or telephone during office hours.

  • Qualifying Properties and Entitlement

    Residents of newly built properties, or properties that have been recently converted may be subject to restrictions on the number of permits available. Affected properties are those constructed, converted or extended pursuant to a planning permission granted after 30th May 2002 for the majority of Winchester’s permit zones; for the Zone 2 areas, affected properties are those pursuant to a Planning permission implemented after 16th August 2012; for Zone 3 areas and Zone Z areas, there are no restrictions.

    For affected properties, the number of permits available shall not exceed the number of permits that were available at the same site prior to the development. In some cases, Winchester City Council will be unable to issue on-street parking permits to residents. In cases where residential properties have been developed or extended as to the number of properties, the original permit entitlement is shared between the resulting properties at the site.

    The entitlement relates to the qualifying property, or set of properties (see above) and not to each individual inhabitant. In the case of shared properties, please discuss permit needs with fellow occupiers.

    • Inner Zone Area Entitlement: 
One Resident Permit 
One Visitor Permit 
and 20 Visitor Scratchcards per 12 month period.
    • Outer Zones Area Entitlement:
Two Resident Permits 
Two Visitor Permits 
and 20 Visitor Scratchcards per 12 month period.
  • Cost
    Permit Cost
    First annual permit (of any type) £22.00
    Additional annual permit (of any type) £70.00
    Visitor Scratchcards

    £13 per set of 10

    First Annual Permit of any type (Resident or Visitor) £22.00 Any Annual Permit extra to the first £70.00 Set of 10 Visitor Scratchcard permits £13.00

    Discounts for Resident Permits for Environmentally Friendly Vehicles
    If you own a qualifying low emission vehicle, you can apply for a discount on the cost of your resident permit for this vehicle. The discount will be either 50% or 75%. To qualify, your vehicle must show 90 CO2 g/km or less within the Vehicle Registration document or be an electric vehicle.

    Concessions for Inner Area Residents
    Holders of Inner Area Resident parking permits (Zones B, C, M, N, P, Q, R and S) may on Saturdays, park free in the following Winchester City Council operated, pay and display car parks: Cattle Market, Chesil Multi-Storey, Coach Park, Durngate, Gladstone Street, St Peter's, Worthy Lane.
    This concession is not available while displaying a Visitor permit, Visitor Scratchcard or any permit for the Outer Area.

    Resident and Visitor permits must be displayed on, or adjacent to the near side of the front windscreen of the vehicle so that all the details on the front of the permit are clearly visible. Failure to correctly display any permit may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

  • Where to park

    Permit parking places are marked out on the streets in white lines in the form of parking bays. The details and times of permit parking restrictions are given on signs. Yellow lines show where you are not allowed to park.

    Vehicles must be parked wholly within the marked areas and not overlapping the lines, on the pavement, or blocking access to other people's homes.

    The permit parking road list shows which roads contain permit parking areas for each permit zone and is within the Permit Information section. For Zones Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 areas in Weeke, please see this list for parking areas.

    Always check to ensure that the sign adjacent to where you park shows that it is for permit holders and the correct zone letter for your permit. Some areas are for Pay and Display parking only, where a ticket should be purchased from the machine to park and any time limit adhered to.