Refunds for Parking Permits / Season Tickets

If you move out of Winchester's permit parking area you must return all your permits or resident season tickets to Winchester City Council so that any new residents of the address can apply for their own permits.

For the on-street parking permits, you will receive a refund of the value for the unexpired period remaining on your permit(s) if the total value is £10 or more. Refunds are not available for unused visitor scratchcard permits.

For a resident season ticket, your refund will be calculated pro rata for each whole month remaining from the date the ticket is received at Winchester City Council.

Refunds will be made by way of cheque within 14 days of receipt of returned permit(s) and application for refund.

Download Refund Application Form below.

Refunds will not be processed if the permit(s)/ticket(s) is not returned.