Change of Vehicle or Address for Resident Permits and Resident Season Tickets

Change of Vehicle

If you change your vehicle, your existing Resident Permit or Resident Season Ticket must be returned to Winchester City Council either in person or by post for a replacement permit to be issued with the new vehicle registration mark.

Proof of vehicle ownership/keepership must be supplied along with the original permit/ticket. The Change of Permit Details form shows a list of documents that may be considered. Please complete this and return to the Council the permit or season ticket that needs to be altered to show the new vehicle. If unable to apply for an immediate replacement permit/season ticket, you may make the following changes to your permit:

1. Scratch off the panel "CHANGE OF VEHICLE"
2. Enter the registration mark of your new vehicle in black or blue ink in the box "NEW REG. NO."
3. Enter the date of this action in black or blue ink in the box "DATE".

This will validate the permit for a period of ten days to allow an application to be made. For on-street permit holders, during this time you may use a Visitors' permit to ensure vehicle compliance.

Change of Address

Moving to a property within one of winchester's permit parking zones:
If you move to a different permit parking zone or within your current zone, provided the new address qualifies for the same type of permit/season ticket, a replacement permit/season ticket will need to be issued . You will need to provide confirmation of your new address and return the original permit/season ticket. The Change of Permit Details form shows a list of documents that may be considered. Please complete this and return to the Council all permits/tickets issued to your previous residence.

Moving to a property with different permit/season ticket entitlement or outside of the permit parking area:
If you move to an address where you are no longer applicable for the resident on-street permits or season tickets, you can apply for a refund for the calculated value reamining on the permit/season ticket. Please see the Resident Permit / Season Ticket Refunds page for further information and the refund application form.

Replacement permits/season tickets are issued free of charge.