Pitt Park and Ride

Pitt Park & Ride

The Pitt Park and Ride car park has 199 spaces and is situated on Romsey Road near to the Pitt roundabout.  The site operates similarly to all the other Park & Ride sites, but the bus does not pass through the site.  The park & ride buses depart from a stop on Romsey Road adjacent to the site, which is s by a footpath at the bottom of the car park.  On the return jouney passengers alight on Romsey Road, cross the road at the signal controlled junction and walk back to the car park

Bus Route

The bus route from the Pitt Park and Ride car park calls at stops on Romsey Road (for the Hospital, University,  and Prison), Westgate (for the County Council, Law Courts and 'top end' of the High Street, the Railway Station and the Broadway (Cathedral and town centre) before heading to the East Winchester car parks (St Catherine's and Barfield).


Four ticket types will be available at all Park & Ride Sites, as summarised below.

Daily Ticket - £3.00 per day with coins

These tickets are purchased daily from the machines located around the car park. Two tickets will be issued; one to place in the vehicle, one for the bus travel. The machines accept coins only.
Customers can also pay for parking using their mobile/smart phone and credit/debit card via RingGo. Upon payment with RingGo, just show your text receipt to the bus driver.

Off Peak Weekday Ticket After 10:30am - £2.50 per day
After 10:30am Monday to Friday, a ticket for the rest of that day will cost just £2.50, cheaper and greener than parking in the City centre.

There is no charge on a Sunday.

Annual Season Tickets - £552.00

Season tickets allow parking within the Park and Ride car parks without the need for daily payment at the ticket machine. Season Tickets are purchased as a convenient alternative to daily payment and at a discounted cost.

Pre-Payment Smart Card - £2.70 per day

A pre-payment card may be credited with any amount between £25 and £150. With the pre-payment card, the user will benefit from a 10% discount making the daily cost £2.70 per use. The card should be placed into the machine on each day of use to obtain the two usual tickets.

The machine will display the remaining balance of the card on each use and the card may be credited at the Parking Services counter at Winchester City Council whenever the user wishes to purchase more credit.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 06.34 to 19.39 (last bus back to Pitt from town at approx 19.30)

Saturday 06.59 to 18.47 (last bus back from town at approx. 18.30)

There is no bus service on Sundays or Public Holidays.

Bus Frequencies

Monday to Friday:

Every  7 or 8 minutes during the peak hours, off peak buses run every 12 minutes.

Evening service after 6pm, buses run every 15 to 20 minutes.

On Saturday, buses run every 15 minutes or less from 07.00 until 09.00 and then every 12 minutes for the rest of the day.

Car Park Information

Entrance Location Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5PR
Number of Spaces

Standard Bays 197
Disabled Bays  2

Season Ticket Prices Annual Season Ticket £552
No. of Ticket Machines/Pay Stations 4