Park and Ride Review 2014

The City Council carryed out a comprehensive review of the Park & Ride service to inform the new Park & Ride tender which started in April 2016.  As part of that review the opportunity was taken to seek the views and travel patterns of the existing users to ensure that any possible alterations to be operation of the Park & Ride facility did not unduly affect those users.
In late spring 2014 a Park and Ride user questionnaire was placed on the City Council website. Posters alerting existing P&R users to this survey were placed in the P&R bus stops. A total of 564 surveys were completed online, with a further 24 comments sent in by email.

Thank you if you completed a survey form.  The results of this survey have informed the Park & Ride review and helped shape the development of the service and the new contract specifications.  Park and Ride User Survey Results