Disabled Parking Badge Holders - Car Parks

The national Blue Badge Scheme does not apply in off-street car parks. Winchester City Council does however provide disabled bays within all our car parks and offers some additional parking concessions.

Local Concessions available in the Winchester District

Disabled Parking Badge holders may park in any pay and display car park free of charge up to the stated car park time limits (badge must be displayed). All other car park regulations must be complied with, for example, vehicles must be parked within marked parking bays.
**Please note that you will be required to pay for parking at the Middle Brook Street, and Brooks Centre 'pay on foot' car parks. These car parks are barrier controlled and payment is required from all users including Disabled badge holders**.

Display requirements

Badges must be displayed on top of the dashboard or fascia panel of the vehicle with the front facing forward so that the relevant details are legible from the outside of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a dashboard or fascia panel you must exhibit the badge in a conspicuous position on the vehicle so that the relevant details are legible from outside the vehicle.

Where you must park in Car Parks
  • Wholly within a marked bay indicated on the surface of the parking place, by lines, studs or other indications.
Where you may not park in Car Parks
  • Do not park in any bays where use is shown as restricted, by yellow hatchings or other similar markings.
  • Do not park in bays that are reserved for specific users such as Permit Holders or Market Traders.
Disabled parking queries

If you have any queries about parking facilities for the disabled please contact:
Parking Services, Winchester City Council, Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LJ
Telephone 01962 848 346
Fax 01962 865 387


The Dial-a-Ride service is available for mobility impaired people who have difficulty getting on or off buses, or to bus stops.
For more information visit the Dial-a-Ride website.
Telephone 01962 852 602 (9am - 12.30pm only, answer machine at other times).