Dan Snow quiz trails launched for Winchester

Press Release: 18/03/2016

Historian and TV personality Dan Snow launching 10 iPhone Quiz Trails for Winchester in the Great Hall

Winchester’s history is set to be more interactive with the introduction of 10 new trails around the city centre, following in the footsteps of King Alfred, Keats and the Medieval Jews of Winchester.

Launched by historian and TV personality Dan Snow at a Great Hall event on 17 March, QuizTrail offers an interactive and fun way to explore while learning fascinating facts on the way. Winchester’s heritage trails sit alongside a history trail ‘blazed’ by Dan himself in Winchester and his trails in York, Bath, Canterbury and London.

QuizTrail is gaining popularity around the world with trails in Australia, Africa, the Middle East and across Europe. Uniquely, the QuizTrail website allows users to create their own trails for free which can then be shared with others to follow on their mobile phones. The developers are also exploring the introduction of Android versions of the app to reach a broader audience.

Dan Snow explained:

Learning History from a book is great, but actually being able to get out and go to those amazing historic sites and learn whilst you are having fun is a brilliant concept – and that’s exactly what QuizTrail does – using the technology of today to learn about the people who created history right where you’re standing.

The QuizTrail concept uses interactive mobile phone technology with an element of competition: ‘Trailseekers’ collect points by answering questions along the route and compete with each other to complete trails. Anyone can become a ‘Trailblazer’ by dropping pins onto a map using the GPS-enabled software and devising an engaging question at each waypoint. These could be trivia questions, cryptic challenges or objects to find, scavenger style.

Ellen Simpson, Winchester City Council’s Head of Tourism, added:

Our aim is to spread awareness of Winchester’s heritage to new audiences. These six Winchester-based trails follow in the footsteps of the Saxons, the Medieval Jews of Winchester, Civil War soldiers, the poet John Keats and now Dan Snow, posing fun questions to challenge and inform the end user.

The trails are available in the Trail Store on QuizTriail.com

Winchester’s Great Hall is in the care of Hampshire County Council. Councillor Andrew Gibson, the County Council’s Executive Member for Culture, Recreation and Countryside, said:

The Great Hall is one of the country’s finest surviving medieval halls and contains the greatest symbol of British mythology, King Arthur's Round Table. It is an important part of our heritage and we’re delighted that trails like Quiz Trail highlight it so prominently, so that more people can explore the Hall’s fascinating history.