Time to refresh the Winchester City Council Parking Strategy

Press Release: 25/02/2016

Cars parked in a car park

In 2014 Winchester City Council adopted the Winchester District Car Parking Strategy which focuses on off-street public parking and provides a framework for decision-making for the period 2014-2018.

As we are now halfway through the intended lifespan of the Strategy it is appropriate to carry out a refresh of the document to assess how well it is performing in terms of meeting the District’s needs regarding the level and type of car parking available.

The Council wants to ensure that the document aligns appropriately with our Economic Strategy as the provision of parking is an important element underpinning the economy because access to parking helps to meet the needs of business as well as residents. The refresh forms part of the Local Economy Portfolio Plan for 2016/17.

Cllr James Byrnes, Portfolio Holder for Local Economy, said:

"It is an opportune time to look at our Parking Strategy to make sure that it is helping the Council to meet the needs of our businesses and residents. This is particularly relevant for Winchester, where we have seen a number of changes in parking provision over the last 12 months, and more may be in the pipeline. We will also of course take account of air quality issues in the city which will need to inform how we develop any options for revising the Strategy."

The Council will be undertaking surveys in the spring to see how much capacity exists in our car parks and will be asking the public and businesses for their views relating to the success of the existing Strategy. This will form the framework for taking the refresh forward and will help develop options for changing the strategy, as required, to better meet the needs of our economy and residents.