Boomtown Festival 2016

The Boomtown Festival takes place on the Matterley Estate near Winchester from Thursday 11 August to Sunday 14 August 2016.

The licence under which the event operates takes into account issues such as permitted audience numbers, hours of operation and off-site community noise levels. The public was able to make representations when the licence was reviewed and it was considered and approved at a meeting of the Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee.

Should anyone be affected by Boomtown, which is a major event for the area culturally and economically, concerns or issues should be raised with the organisers from 9 August via their hotline number 01962 678603 or .

As in previous years, the City Council will actively monitor compliance with the licence conditions. Any breaches will be investigated and action taken if appropriate. Soundchecks will be undertaken on Wednesday 10 August between 5pm and 8pm.

The Council wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable event.