Horses removed from land at West of Waterlooville

Press Release: 17/03/2014

Horses, West of Waterlooville

Ten horses were removed from the Taylor Wimpey/Grainger site at West of Waterlooville in an overnight operation by authorities.

Winchester City Council accompanied by GRC Bailiffs removed the horses from the land, where their grazing was unauthorised, in the early hours of this morning (17 March) following previous warnings.

The horses have been on the site for some time and the Council had previously given notice to the horse-owner that it would seize the horses if they were put back onto this land. The horses had repeatedly strayed into the road, posing serious road traffic hazards, and into residents’ gardens causing nuisance.

The 10 horses were seized by the bailiffs and notices will be placed on the site today advising the owner that he will have to pay full costs, including any veterinary costs, in order to recover them. He will also have to provide evidence to show that they are his horses and arrange for them to be chipped and passported if he wants them back. This action was taken under The Hampshire Act 1983.

GRC Bailiffs have over 10 years of experience in seizing horses and the Council was pleased with the calm and efficient manner in which they carried out this operation.

Cllr Jan Warwick, the City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment & Neighbourhoods, said:

This action by the Environmental Health team sends a clear message to irresponsible elements in the region’s equine community that unauthorised and uncontrolled use of open space for the grazing of horses will not be tolerated.

The Council investigated the law, brought together the relevant agencies and carried out a textbook operation. The action will also help the Council to ensure that the horses are looked after appropriately and not grazed on an unauthorised site.