Fishy fun in preparation for ‘Bishop’s Waltham: Come Dine with Us’

Press Release: 17/06/2014

Something fishy in Bishop's Waltham

Junior schoolchildren in Bishop’s Waltham enjoyed a taste of the sea on Friday 13 June when they came face-to-face with an assortment of fish in a workshop supported by Billingsgate Seafood School.

The workshop, run by local Home Economist Davina Tibbetts, was part of an outreach project by the Seafood School in Hampshire and introduced children to the sight, touch, smell and taste of a wide variety of fish and seafood. The session also involved a fileting demonstration by Bishop’s Waltham fishmonger Peter Atkinson using a locally-caught mackerel.

Davina commented:

The children were encouraged to think about how fish gets to our plate, so that we can enjoy a delicious healthy meal, but still leave plenty of seafood for the next generation.

They had a great opportunity to investigate just a small sample of the wide variety of seafood available for us to eat, and tasted a delicious healthy mackerel-dip.

Acting Head Teacher of Bishop’s Waltham Junior School, Katherine Daniels, added:

This workshop was a great opportunity for our children to get ‘up close and personal’ with varieties of fish that some of them had never seen before, and they loved it! They are also really looking forward to the next stage of the project, being spurred on by the possibility of their culinary creation being served in a Bishop’s Waltham restaurant.

Using their newly-gained knowledge, year 3 children will take part in a competition to develop a fish-based salad using ingredients from the local shops and the school garden. Judges will decide which salads will be recreated by local eateries and featured on their menus during the week of 14 July. Organised by the Bishop’s Waltham Town Team, ‘Bishops Waltham: Come Dine With Us’ is a week-long celebration of food packed with exciting activities including chocolate-tasting, cookery demonstrations, themed menus and a special afternoon tea inspired by the drawings of Bishop’s Waltham Infant schoolchildren. More details will be available on