Stanmore Planning Framework – survey responses published

Press Release: 22/05/2013

Stanmore consultation report

Results of the Stanmore Planning Framework consultation have been published. The Framework is a joint initiative between Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and Stanmore Combined.

A summary of the consultation survey responses and the full report from the consultants, Broadway Malyan, are available to view on the Stanmore Combined website at

More than 300 people attended the consultation exhibition, which was held during March and April. Over 100 surveys were returned – representing around 5% of the neighbourhood.

Other respondents talked to the consultants, to Council ward members and to officers, whilst some local groups chose to send in written comments on specific issues.

Surveys conducted as part of the consultation and exhibition asked people to select what they felt to be the top priorities for Stanmore. These were:

  • tackling anti-social behaviour
  • managing student housing and houses in multiple occupation
  • providing affordable homes for local people

Almost three-quarters of respondents felt that community facilities needed investment and many felt that more facilities were needed in Stanmore. A doctor’s surgery was the most commonly suggested new facility.

Almost half the respondents agreed that new homes were needed in Stanmore, whilst a third disagreed and 18% were unsure. Residents supported investigating new homes:

  • on some garage sites
  • at the top of The Valley by Wilberforce Close
  • on a small area of Cromwell Road Recreation Ground
  • between Stanmore Lane and Battery Hill

Residents were cautious about new homes on allotments and Somers Close and 65% voted against the proposals for Wavell Way.

Further information has been gathered by consultants about the allotment sites during the consultation period, and a special meeting was convened with allotment-holders to hear their views.

Most respondents supported the introduction of new play equipment, extra playing pitches and home zones in Stanmore. The majority also agreed that Stanmore would benefit from improved pathways and connections, improved traffic-calming, road-widening to provide new parking and the introduction of cycleways where possible.

Winchester City Council will now look in more detail at these responses, working with Broadway Malyan, to develop the final Framework document and action plan to be brought to the Council’s Cabinet in the early autumn.

Cllr Keith Wood, Leader of the Council, said:

These are not decisions. There is much that we and our partner agencies can take on board, but we will not commit to options that we cannot reasonably deliver. Over the summer, we will be doing more technical investigations, costings and negotiations to see what can realistically form part of the final action plan.

I would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation process, and reassure them that their views – and those of the ward members who represent them so well at the City Council - will be a key element of our decision-making process from here.