College students round-up their friends

Press Release: 19/07/2013

Sparsholt Students playing Rounders

The Sport and Physical Activity team at Winchester City Council has entered into a partnership with Rounders England to reignite passion for the game and encourage more people to participate in the sport.

It has taken the last year for Winchester to build a solid foundation that engages the community to participate in rounders and, with Sport England introducing the new College Sports Maker role, the time was right to share this groundwork with local colleges.

Fun, friendly and relaxed one-off taster sessions were introduced at Peter Symonds and Sparsholt College this summer to give more young people the opportunity to play rounders. Over 50 students from the two colleges took part in the two-hour sessions and this led to the establishment of a weekly rounders club for the remainder of their summer term.

Kitty Yarwood, the College Sport Maker for Peter Symonds College, said:

The rounders sessions provided by Winchester City Council have inspired 16- to 19-year-olds to get back into playing sport. Sessions have helped relieve exam stress and get them out and about improving their health and fitness.

Nick Harrison, the College Sport Maker for Sparsholt College, added:

With the help of Winchester City Council more than 20 students have been attending these rounders sessions. It ultimately proved to be one of the most popular sporting activities that students participated in all year so it’s something we hope to continue in September.

Cllr Robert Humby, Deputy Leader at Winchester City Council with portfolio responsibilities for sport, said:

It is fantastic that the City Council has managed to set up a partnership with Rounders England. The ongoing sessions continue to be a success, especially in this weather, and I hope that our positive relationship will continue for years to come.

With support from Winchester City Council September looks to be even more fruitful with the two colleges setting up competitive rounders teams. Students will also be given the opportunity to complete a Rounders Activator qualification next month which will give them the skills and knowledge to safely organise games in the community for their family and friends.