Boomtown Fair 2013

Press Release: 13/08/2013

Winchester City Council have confirmed that they are investigating potential breaches of the noise conditions of the licence covering events at Matterley Bowl, Winchester following noise monitoring undertaken during the event.

Whilst the 8 noise complaints received by the City Council out of hours noise team during the event was relatively low there are concerns that the noise levels at nearby properties on occasion exceeded the limits stipulated in the licence conditions.

Officers have begun a process of analysing the data from noise monitoring equipment to confirm their initial findings and will then consider what action will be taken to deal with any confirmed breaches.

Noise monitoring teams were in operation throughout each night of the event and checked noise levels at a number of locations, including complainants’ properties. They worked alongside other staff that inspected the site for health and safety and licensing compliance.

Officers are also awaiting comments from Hampshire Police regarding the traffic delays on the Monday after the event so that these can be taken into account for any future events at the site.

Cllr Rob Humby, the Council’s Deputy Leader, said

Overall we are pleased that the Boomtown Festival was well managed, and delighted it was enjoyed by so many. However, if there has been a breach of the licence conditions it must be dealt with to ensure the interests of our local communities are protected.

We will discuss the Police’s conclusions regarding traffic management after the event as part of the usual debriefing process to see if any lessons can be learned for the future.