Work placements boost opportunities for Winchester’s jobseekers

Press Release: 05/04/2013

(L to R) Joanna Humphrey; Dominique Tillen ; Emma Jackson; Alison Woods and Adrienne Marsden

It’s a tough jobs market out there. And it can be really frustrating applying for a job that you know you can do, only to be told that the job has gone to someone else with more experience.

With this in mind Winchester City Council has commissioned Radian Housing Association, in partnership with The Business Collective, to encourage employers to offer a range of work placement opportunities for local job seekers, from two-week taster placements to one-year apprenticeships.

Businesses from across the entire Winchester District have put forward a wide variety of work placements ranging from business administration and customer service through to childcare and hospitality. Two local companies who have offered placements are Brush-Baby, who are based in Ovington and provide innovative dental-care products for babies, toddlers and young children, and Design Engine, the Winchester-based architects.

Emma Jackson from Weeke has been offered a work placement with award-winning Brush-Baby. She said

After being unemployed for some time, it’s great to be given this opportunity.

Brush-Baby's Managing Director and founder, Dominique Tillen, added

We are delighted with Emma; she has fitted in well with our team and has performed a variety of duties effortlessly and to a high standard. Based on our experience we would encourage companies not to be put off by people who have been long-term unemployed.

Winchester City Council’s Assistant Director for Economic Prosperity, Eloise Appleby, said

Unemployment in the Winchester District is low. However, whilst overall numbers are low, there are pockets of unemployment across the District and for those individuals affected the impact is very real. We are hoping that by increasing the number and quality of work placement experiences job seekers in the Winchester District will be better equipped to find satisfying, long-term employment in the future.

Adrienne Marsden, founder of The Business Collective, said

In this economic climate, businesses may be hesitant about taking on new permanent staff. We can help employers find the right talent but keep their risks to a minimum.

With help and support from The Business Collective, Job Centre Plus and the National Apprenticeship Service, you can select the person who seems right for your business – and see how they develop, with no long-term commitment unless you want to offer it. Eighty per cent of employers say that an apprenticeship has a positive effect on their business. And just think of the difference you could make to the life of a jobseeker by offering even a short-term placement. Contact Joanna Humphrey on 01730 827 327 or email or Adrienne Marsden 01962 840131 or email to find out more.