Enjoy the Festivities but don’t start the new year with regrets, says Winchester CSP

Press Release: 13/11/2012


Winchester CSP is launching their annual Christmas Campaign on 15th November with a street event on the Broadway. The Campaign is being launched to coincide with the Christmas Light Switch on. Representatives from the Police, Fire Service, the BID, City and County Councils will be available from 1-3pm to wish the public a safe and enjoyable festive season.

Over the weeks leading up to Christmas the partnership will be supporting a number of national campaigns that focus on Alcohol Awareness and Road Safety. During the campaign the partnership will promote safety messages that encourage revellers to think about the safety of their personal property and themselves.

Working together; Hampshire Constabulary, Hants Fire & Rescue, Winchester Street Pastors, WCC Neighbourhood Wardens, HCC Accredited Community Safety Officers, NHS (Public Health), Winchester BID associated with PubWatch and ShopWatch will join forces to try and reduce the risks associated with the festive season, they will raise awareness of some of the issues around the night-time economy and other seasonal trends using a variety of methods.

Some of the activity on offer will be based upon:

  • Road Shows – using crashed vehicles, Motor cycle simulators, emergency service vehicles
  • Raising Awareness – using educational messages, press releases, twitter, CSP Web site, safety talks, party survival guides, banners, posters and leaflets
  • Giving out Freebies – Key Rings, Lanyards, Property Marking (subject to availability at the launch event), Safety Advice
  • Running Operations – police and partnership activity around the Night Time Economy e.g. High Vis Patrols, Licensing, extra patrols

Cllr Patricia Stallard, chairman of the Community Safety Partnership and portfolio holder for Communities, Culture and Sport said

As a partnership we want to ensure that wherever possible everyone enjoys the festive season. Whilst Winchester is a safe place to live, visit or work we do hear of unfortunate incidents where people have had their property stolen or they have been impacted upon because of risks taken during the party season. What we are trying to do is encourage individuals to take responsibility for themselves and their friends so that we can reduce those risks and the longer term impacts.

Hampshire Constabularies Partnership Sergeant Richard Holland said:

We do not want to stop people from partying this Christmas but we want to make people aware of the potential consequences of irresponsible drinking.

Too much alcohol can lead to people behaving in a way which they would never dream of when sober and is often the cause of violence and anti-social behaviour at the end of a night out.

That is why we will be carrying out extra patrols throughout the Christmas period and will be working closely with licensed premises and the street pastors.