City Council announces parking charges for 2013

Press Release: 08/11/2012

At its meeting on the 14 November the City Council’s Cabinet will consider a report about on street and off street parking charges for 2013.

The City Council has recognised the financial pressures on businesses and individuals in the current climate and wants to help by avoiding increases on the parking that people use the most. This will include a freeze in the cost of park and ride to ensure that this remains the best value and the greenest parking option for visitors to Winchester, as well as a freeze on rural area parking charges and season tickets. The half hour free parking concession in the town centre on street parking bays will also be retained, along with free Sunday and evening parking.

The current charges for on street pay and display will also stay the same.

Cllr Keith Wood, Leader of Winchester City Council said,

We know how important parking is to the local economy and have worked hard to ensure we can retain the majority of prices at the current rates. We have built in choice to the parking system to allow users the flexibility to pay for convenience or park further out for a cheaper stay.

Our Park and Ride service continues to perform well with over ¾ million passenger journeys each year and this is something we want to maintain and build upon for long term stays. At the other end of the spectrum our half hour free options in the centre of town have proved popular with businesses and users and we are happy to be able to retain this flexibility.”

Consideration has also been given to the need to reduce unnecessary circulation of traffic within the town centre and to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for pedestrians and cyclists, in line with the aims of the Winchester Town Access Plan (WTAP).

The WTAP also sets out the need to provide carefully planned car parking to meet economic demand through a ‘three ring’ approach to car parking of an ‘outer’ ring (park & ride), ‘inner’ ring and ‘centre’ parking.

It is proposed that there is a minimal increase in charges in some of the centre car parks to reflect their convenience, with some reductions in the inner car parks to encourage short stay parking in those locations.

At the inner car parks (Chesil Street Surface, Chesil Multi-storey, Durngate, Worthy Lane, Coach Park and Cattle Market) it is proposed to introduce a new tariff band for stays of up to three hours, this is to allow a wider choice in the amount of time to stay where the current options are either 2 or 4 hour stays. This change reflects a deliberate policy to encourage people to think about where they park, to park further out and hence avoid bringing vehicles into the one-way system, and also offer alternatives in terms of cheaper charges away from the town centre.

Centre car parks
The Brooks
Middle Brook Street
Colebrook Street
Guildhall Yard (Sat Only)
Jewry Street
Cossack Lane
Upper Brook Street
Tower Street
Gladstone Street

Inner car parks
Chesil Street (Multi-Storey)
Chesil Street (Surface)
Cattle Market
Worthy Lane
Coach Park (Cars)
Coach Park (Coaches)
River Park Leisure Centre

The full report can be downloaded from the Cabinet agenda on our website