Don’t miss out on your chance to vote in the Winchester City Council elections on 3 May 2012

With less than two months to go, residents of Winchester City Council are being reminded to make sure they can take part in the local elections on Thursday 3 May 2012.

Stephen Whetnall, the Electoral Registration Officer, is encouraging people to make sure they are registered to vote in time for the elections:

You must be on the electoral register to have your say on who sits on your council. If you have recently moved to the area, or moved house it is important to make sure that you register at your new address otherwise you won’t be able to vote.

It only takes a few minutes to complete a registration form but you must make sure we receive it by Wednesday 18 April.”

Registration forms are available by calling Winchester City Council on 01962 848 125 or you can print a form from or

The Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog, is also reminding voters that they can still vote even if they can’t make it to the polling station on 3 May.

Even if you will be away on holiday, or think you might be caught up in work you can make sure you have your say by applying to vote by post or proxy. You can print off the forms from or