Taking Action to Support Winchester’s Young Unemployed

Press Release: 25/06/2012

Taking Action to Support Winchester's Young Unemployed

Winchester City Council’s new Portfolio Holder for Strategic Planning and Economic Development, Cllr Robert Humby, has declared that his focus will be on people and skills during the continued economic recession.

He was speaking at a conference at Guildhall Winchester which took place on 20 June to examine the plight of the young unemployed in the Winchester District. Attended by 50 delegates whose organisations provide support and guidance for young people, the event was well received and Cllr Humby’s commitment warmly welcomed.

But what brought the statistics to life was an appearance by a group of four young people who are currently being supported by training agency PETA in Winchester. They spoke from the heart about their own experiences since leaving school at 16 and the lack of achievement they had felt since then.

As the recession drags on, there is increasing concern across the country about the plight of young people. Despite Government commitment to providing routes into training and employment, the country’s NEETs (Young People Not in Employment Education or Training) face a barrage of obstacles at a time when their self esteem is likely to be at a low ebb and the economy is against them.

Cllr Robert Humby, the Council’s Deputy Leader and new Portfolio Holder for Strategic Planning & Economic Development, commented,

Winchester City Council and our partners should be able to reach out, one by one, to help these people and to find ways to provide individual, tailored support for those who are struggling to get into the workplace.”

Copies of the presentations will be available to download in the coming fortnight from Winchester City Council’s website at www.winchester.gov.uk.