Overall Crime & Disorder in Winchester has fallen

Press Release: 05/10/2011

Police recorded Crime and Disorder in Winchester reduced by 3.9% to 6198 which means there were 252 fewer victims in 2010/11, according to a recent Strategic Assessment undertaken by Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP). Contributors to the overall reduction figures included; Violence with injury down by 3.7% to a total of 563, Criminal damage down by 12.9% to 1087, and Rowdy and vehicle related nuisance behaviour fell by 20.8% to 2065.

Tackling Crime & Disorder is still a priority for WCSP so when the partnership reviewed the results of the survey at their last strategic group meeting in September they agreed the 3 partnership priorities for 2011/12, these are: (1) Reducing Violence with injury focusing on the night time economy and domestic violence (2) Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) with a focus on vulnerable victims and alcohol and drugs related ASB (3) Reducing re-offending and young people as first time entrants to the criminal justice system. 

The police district commander for Winchester and East Hants, Chief Inspector James Fulton said: “The police will continue to work in partnership with other agencies to reduce all crime and ASB, by providing a high quality service and making the most of our resources.  The strategic assessment 2011 has helped the partnership to decide where to focus their efforts and resources. The challenge for the partnership is maintaining contact with local communities at a beat level so that we can ensure that we continue to deliver on local concerns that reduce crime, allows us to apprehend offenders and offers intervention to prevent those offences re-occurring.”

Cllr John Cooper, Winchester's Deputy Leader & Portfolio Holder for Communities, Safety and Public Health said: “I’m pleased to see that the interventions put in place to divert people away from crime, may have assisted in the overall reductions. We will continue to consult with our communities and address the issues identified by local people in partnership with police, other public bodies, businesses and Parish Councils in the hope that we can build on our successes and improve our crime reduction rates even more during 2011/12.”

The Crime and Disorder Review 2011 and the full results of the WCSP Survey 2011 are published on the WCSP website. www.wdsp.co.uk/communitysafety/consultations