Winchester Community Safety Partnership intends to combat ASB in their Summer Campaign

Press Release: 27/07/2011

On 1 April 2011, Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) launched its Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) summer campaign. It is now half way through the campaign which ends on 30th September 2011and we have seen some positive results.  Due to the successful campaign in 2010 which saw reductions in ASB  across the district of 10.1%, the WCSP is keen to continue to take steps to maintain this success.

With the school holidays approaching, the lighter evening’s and improving weather it is a great time to go out and enjoy all that the local area has to offer. Unfortunately this can sometimes result in an increase in reports of ASB which is often linked to large groups of people gathering in certain areas.  A small minority do engage in behaviour that can escalate from ASB into criminal damage or more serious alcohol related ASB.  This behaviour can impact on local communities and individual’s quality of life. To try and reassure the public a number of agencies have drawn up a campaign that aims to be robust in tackling and enforcing ASB, especially as it is a high priority for Winchester communities.

Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) continues to work together to tackle the seasonal increases in ASB by:

  • Providing increased patrols in hot spot locations on key days and times
  • Encouraging positive and appropriate reporting of anti social behaviour
  • Working with local communities to identify local priorities

The Chairman for the summer campaign, Sgt Matthew Fancett, said "Since the launch of the campaign in April, partners have taken a number of steps to prevent and address anti social behaviour in the district. Intervention including letters to secondary school pupils and high visibility patrols by partnership officers have to date proved successful. He also stated “People of all ages become involved in ASB, and it is certainly not just the younger generation. We will continue to provide a consistent approach to dealing with anyone found committing ASB”.

Cllr Cooper Portfolio Holder for Communities, Safety and Public Health commented. Cllr John Cooper Winchester's Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community Safety commented, “Tackling all aspects of anti social behaviour is a high priority for the WCSP. The work undertaken by partnership officers since the beginning of this campaign has already achieved positive results and I hope their extra effort, at a time when there is the potential for an increase in the number of ASB incidents, will ensure a peaceful and enjoyable summer for all residents and visitors to Winchester”

If you witness or are concerned about any incidents of anti social behaviour you can report your concerns in a number of ways:

  • Contact 101: this is Hampshire Constabulary 24 hour non emergency number or contact Hampshire Constabulary using 0845 045 45 45.
  • Contact your housing provider if you are a tenant of the council or another Registered Social Landlord
  • Contact WCSP Anti Social Behaviour specialist is you are a private tenant or a owner occupier
  • Speak to your local councillor
  • If at any time you need an immediate police response then you should always dial 999.

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