Members’ Allowances – Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel

The 2010 Members’ Allowances Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) convened on 20 and 21 October 2010. The fifth report of the Panel has been received. The timing of this Report enables the Council to consider the proposals and set Members’ Allowances rates for the forthcoming Municipal Year, together with making the necessary provision in the 2011/12 draft budget.

In summary, the Panel has recommended increases to the Basic Allowance and some Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA). In broad terms, these have been reinstated to the levels prior to the Council decision (for budgetary reasons) not to increase any of the allowances from 1 April 2010 and instead to apply a reduction of 5% to all allowances. Some adjustments are also recommended to eligibility criteria for SRAs. The Council has also been asked to consider the extent to which Members can seek re-imbursement for broadband costs.

Full details of the Panel’s recommendations are available in Report CAB2106 which also contains the IRP’s report at Appendix C. They are also summarised in a statutory advert which has also been published in the Mid Hampshire Observer. Report CAB2106 will be considered by Cabinet on 19 January 2011 and Principal Scrutiny Committee on 24 January 2011. A further Report will be submitted direct to Council on 24 February 2011 setting out the full Members Allowances Scheme for approval, incorporating all decisions arising from the above meetings.