Abbey Gardens Lawn Refurbishment

The lawns in Abbey Gardens are due to be refurbished this spring because of an infestation of chafer grubs. Garden Chafer grubs spend 2-3 years under the turf feeding on grass roots before emerging as adult beetles in May-June. They weaken the turf making it prone to damage, in particular from birds that tear up the turf while searching for the juicy grubs, leaving the bare soil exposed.

The Council has sought advice from specialists in treatment of chafer grubs and have been advised that it will be necessary to renovate all of the grass area in Abbey Gardens.

The renovation will take place from the beginning of April until the end of June. The existing grass has been treated with an herbicide and the damaged turf will be removed in the week beginning 18 April. The soil will be cultivated to expose the grubs for the birds and left for 14 days. After 9 May, the treated areas will be levelled and re-seeded to establish fresh turf. In June the renovated areas will be treated to prevent re-infestation.

During the renovation it will be necessary to limit public access to the gardens at certain times. The treated areas will be fenced off using netting and posts to protect the new turf from damage as it establishes.

Inevitably, the gardens will not look their best during this period and will not be able to be used as easily, but residents are asked to please bear with us while we undertake this vital work which will ensure the gardens remain an attractive place for everyone to enjoy.