Kimvi invites you to view the white space

From Friday 29 October to Friday 3 December the view on Bridge Street is playing host to an exhibition that will no doubt catch the eye of many a passer by – if they’re looking properly, that is.

As a student of Winchester School of Art, Kimvi has had the opportunity to observe the window space at the view from afar and has developed an idea based on what she’s seen.

Of her work Kimvi says, “I have brought back the use of the the view as a shop window as an area to display products, objects, ideas and to create the identity of an establishment.

“My aim is to create a piece of work which invites the viewer to add to the piece by the use of their gaze. I like the illusion of an emptied full space, created by white objects in a white space, where at first glance it looks like an empty window, as all the objects will be camouflaged against the white walls. Only a suggestion of their presence will be created by the casting of shadows throughout the day and lit at night by street lights.

“The idea is to bring the viewer closer to their visual senses, reminding them of their importance as the viewer.”
Marilyn Michalowicz, Arts Development Officer at Winchester City Council, has taken an interest in what Kimvi is aiming to convey with this exhibition, “Kimvi’s minimal white palette and compositions transform recognisable objects into sculptural forms, emphasising the beauty of the every day.”

So, the next time you’re on Bridge Street, it might be worth stopping to take the time to see what you can you see in the white space…