New software improves management of Planning Obligations

Winchester City Council has become the first council to adopt new software that tracks Planning Obligations. The software, which is called IDOX Obligation Tracker, provides an effective means of tracking and managing information related to individual Planning Obligations.

Planning Obligations can be used to restrict development of land, require specific operations or activities be carried out in relation to land, require payments to help lessen the impact of the development, or require land to be used in a certain way.


Planning Obligations are often referred to as Section 106 Agreements (as they are covered by Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990).


Simon Finch, Head of Planning Management at the City Council said “This is an exciting time for Winchester as we implement this new system. Obligation Tracker will provide the Council with a useful tool, which will enable us to accurately track and manage our Section 106 Agreements in an effective way."


The new software will ensure that the Council can maximise income in relation to Planning Obligations and provide a transparent, accessible record of each agreement to relevant stakeholders.