Swanmore Youth help to plan for the future of their community

On Friday the 19th March, pupils from Swanmore College of Technology who live locally had the chance to share their views on their local community.

The pupils from years seven, eight, and nine described what they like, what they dislike, and what they would change about Swanmore. The information gathered will be incorporated in the local community plan.

The pupils spent the morning getting to know the local Village Plan team, before drawing out plans to express their current views of Swanmore and their ideas for the future. The exercise showed that the students were very fond of their local area, but they did identify some areas for improvement, including a number of bad roads and a need for more youth clubs.

Several Winchester City Councillors joined the Swanmore students to answer questions, talk about their roles, and explain how the Council works.

The afternoon concluded with the pupils writing up their ideas so that their work can now form part of a village “action plan” to make Swanmore an even better place to live.

Article by Harry Procter of Swanmore College.