New minimum standards for dealing with anti-social behaviour

The Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) has launched a document outlining its minimum standards for dealing with anti-social behaviour.

The document sets out how the WCSP will deal with reported problems, and comes in response to the Home Secretary’s recent call for local partnerships to play a bigger role in helping to deal with anti-social behaviour.

In 2008, the WCSP achieved better results than the national average with only 9.9% of local people questioned stating that they felt anti-social behaviour was a problem where they live. The partnership hopes that the new standards will help it to improve further on these positive results across the District.

The new standards also provide an opportunity for members of the public to learn more about how local organisations are working together to address problems in their area.

By keeping members of the public informed, the WCSP aims to encourage early reporting of problems to enable agencies to take action at the earliest opportunity.

To view a copy of the minimum standards document, or to learn more about Winchester Community Safety Partnership, visit