Youth of Winchester have their say on bus provision

Last week saw young people in the Winchester District have the chance to meet with bus companies across the area.  With transport being one of the top priorities for the Youth of Winchester (YOW) youth council, it was an ideal opportunity to discuss the main problems young people face on public transport.

The meeting between YOW, officers from Hampshire County Council passenger transport group, Winchester City Council Community Wellbeing Team and local bus companies was set up by Steve Brine MP after he attended a Youth of Winchester meeting in September.  Commenting on the meeting Steve Brine MP said, “Every survey I have done among young people over many years has flagged up local transport issues as uppermost on their list of concerns so it was very much on my to-do list when I got elected this year.  Youth of Winchester are really knowledgeable about bus services in the area, mainly because of their heavy reliance on them, so it was obvious they would lead the meeting. They have a great number of views on how to make them better, including some very simple things which need not cost money and I hope the relationship with Stagecoach will blossom as a result of the summit in the best interests of young people locally.”

The meeting raised issues such as proof of age ID for young people, some bus driver’s negative perceptions of Young people, and bus times.  

The meeting was considered a positive step forward by all who attended.  Stagecoach has identified opportunities to work closely with YOW in the future and will be hearing from YOW members in the coming weeks.  Stagecoach is currently reviewing their routes and timetables and will take the YOW feedback into account during this review.

For more information please contact SarahKate Abercrombie, Community wellbeing officer on 01962 848 497 or email  You can also find out more information on Youth of Winchester at