Crashed car in Winchester High Street

Crashed car in Winchester High Street Winchester shoppers were surprised to see a crashed car in the High Street on Monday. The badly damaged car in St Maurice's Covert attracted a crowd of intrigued onlookers.

However, despite looking like the result of a nasty accident in the High Street, the car had actually been brought along as part of a display by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to help the Winchester Community Partnership highlight the dangers that drivers face on the roads.

In 2007, Winchester's roads recorded one of the highest numbers of fatalities within Hampshire. As a result of these figures and in line with National Drugs week, Winchester Community Safety Partnership wants to raise awareness of the impact that drugs in particular can have on drivers.

Members of Winchester Community Safety Partnership along with the Crashed Vehicle unit were on hand to provide useful and potentially life saving information to members of the public.

Crashed car in Winchester High Street The crashed car on display allowed people to see the results of a traffic accident close-up and appreciate the very real risks posed by dangerous driving.

Cllr Cooper Portfolio Holder for Communities and Safety said: "Taking action to reduce road traffic collisions and reducing the impact of drugs and alcohol misuse on crime and disorder are priorities for the Winchester Community Safety Partnership. Through this event we hope to show that there are very real risks that exist if you drive whilst under the influence of drugs."

To find out more, visit to see how the partnership is working to reduce crime and disorder across the Winchester District.