Jailbreak from the Westgate

23 Explorer Scouts from the Itchen South District recently paid a visit to Winchester to take part in a ‘jailbreak’ challenge from the Westgate Museum. The challenge was to travel as many miles as they could in six hours using as many different kinds of transport as possible.


Winchester City Council hosted the start of the ‘jailbreak’ at the Westgate Museum which, during the16th century, was used as both a lock-up prison for the drunken and disorderly, and as a debtors' gaol.

Five teams from three different Explorer Scout units took part in the challenge.


The winning team came from the Spartan Explorer Scout Unit - the newest unit in the District – after travelling an amazing 107 miles within the six hours.


The various teams travelled as far as Christchurch, Emsworth, and the Isle of Wight.


Sue Parker, Explorer Scout Leader, said: “The Explorers all had a strict list of rules to follow to keep the challenge fair and ensure their safety. We would really like to thank all the public transport services in Winchester and southern Hampshire who provided amazing support during the Explorers’ challenge. ”


Sher Kent, Winchester City Council’s museum services manager, added: “It was great to be asked to host this interesting event and to watch the Explorer Scouts working together in teams. Activities like this offer young people a great opportunity to develop their skills and use their initiative. It was really impressive how they managed to travel such a long way in six hours!”

The Explorer Scouts movement was established during the 1990s for young people aged between 14 and 18 years old. It makes up the fourth section of the Scouting family.