Stanmore, Your Community Needs You!

Residents of Stanmore are being asked for their help to complete a Community Plan for the area which is currently being developed by Stanmore Combined, Stanmore’s local community forum and supported by the three Residents Associations that cover the Stanmore estate.

They have reached the critical stage of undertaking a detailed consultation to determine people’s concerns about living in their community, and also the things they like about living in Stanmore and want to protect. Residents should look out for a questionnaire which will be put through their doors during the w/c 9th February, giving them the chance to have their views heard.

In order for the consultation to be successful, as many of the 2,000 households as possible in Stanmore need to complete the questionnaire, which should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Cllr James Stephens the Community Planning Group’s chairman said, “This is a real opportunity for residents to have their say, and put themselves in the driving seat to bring about changes they want to see. It is probably the most comprehensive survey undertaken in Stanmore, since the 2001 Census, but there needs to be a significant number of the 2,000 households in Stanmore that return completed questionnaires if organisations such as the councils, police and others are to consider the results valid.”

As an added incentive, for each family that returns a completed questionnaire by 28th February 2009 they will receive a family ticket to a screening of a Movie at Winchester University’s Stripe Auditorium. These screenings will be offered over three different dates, providing places for up to 900 people. It is also hoped to host a further screening specifically targeted at the 65+ age group.

Although volunteers have signed up to help deliver the questionnaires there are still some streets that need to be covered and they still need more volunteers to help distribute them. If you think you might be able to help they’d be very pleased to hear from you. Just contact Mark on Tel. 01962 848518 for further details.