Neighbourhood Wardens given new powers to help tackle anti-social behaviour

The important role of Winchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Wardens was officially recognised on Wednesday 12 August when they were awarded a range of new powers under a Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.

The accreditation under the Police Reform Act 2002 recognises the important contribution the Neighbourhood Wardens make towards community safety across the Winchester District and takes into account their close partnership work with the police.

The new powers will help the wardens to continue working closely with the police to tackle anti-social behaviour across the district.

The Wardens now have the power to issue penalty notices for issues such as dog fouling, cycling on footpaths, graffiti, fly-posting, and littering; as well as the power to require the name and address of anyone found to be committing vandalism or other kinds of anti-social behaviour.

Other powers issued to the wardens include powers to seize alcohol from under 18s, confiscate tobacco from under 16s, remove abandoned vehicles, stop bicycles, and photograph persons away from a police station.

Clive Elliston, Winchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Warden Supervisor, said: “We are delighted that our work has been officially recognised in this way. This accreditation recognises the contribution the Neighbourhood Warden Service makes to Community Safety in the Winchester district as part of the Extended Police Family.”

Inspector Jim Peglar of Hampshire Constabulary, added: "The accreditation of Winchester City Council Wardens enhances our already strong local partnership. The specific enforcement powers given to the wardens will be a positive step towards further reducing anti-social behaviour and disorder in Winchester. The power to demand a name and address and take away the anonymity of people behaving badly in particular is very useful. The information gained is then shared, allowing the Winchester District Partnership to target those whose behaviour impacts on the peaceful existence of the community."