Reporting Anti Social Behaviour

Winchester residents can now make use of an online form to report incidents of anti social behavior in their area. The form, which has been launched by the Winchester Community Safety Partnership, is designed to make it easer for residents to quickly and discreetly report problems.

The completed forms will be forwarded to the Community Safety team where they will be handled by Winchester City Council’s Acceptable Behaviour Coordinator.

The form will include the option to report problems anonymously and can be used to report incidents that have caused alarm, distress or harassment.

Information provided within these reports will allow Winchester Community Safety Partnership to target resources effectively and work in partnership with residents to tackle anti social behaviour across the whole district.

The City Council is determined to send out the strong message that ant social behaviour will not be tolerated. The council also wants to show that problems such as anti social behaviour can be solved by communities, councils and local organizations working together.

Cllr John Cooper, The City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Communities and Safety, said:

"Winchester City Council is dedicated to tackling anti social behaviour across the district. With the launch of this online reporting form, Winchester City Council is providing an additional way for residents to report incidents of anti social behaviour; helping us to improve the quality of life for our residents’

Residents wishing to report incidents of anti social behaviour can visit to complete an online reporting form. The web page also provides details on alternative ways to report incidents of anti social behavior and details on what action the Council can take against it.