Recycling bins for Winchester High Street

Winchester residents have been going from strength to strength recycling at home, and now the City Council want to give people the opportunity to recycle when they are out and about as well.

A trial of recycling bins in Winchester High Street and Abbey Gardens will start in the summer. The Council received many comments from residents suggesting the idea and is now keen to see if it will work in practice, and whether the scheme will produce a high level of uncontaminated recycling.

The new bins will not be the flip-top wheelie style bins but will be either split-use or free-standing bins that follow the same design as the existing ones on the High Street.

Leader of Winchester City Council Cllr George Beckett said: “We are very keen to trial this scheme as it has had much public support and would provide a consistent approach for people who are used to recycling at home. We are currently looking at the costs involved and the feasibility of rolling out to other towns if the trial is successful.”

As a potential way of reducing the costs and extending the service, the Council is considering sponsorship of the bins.