Phone Box Consultation

British Telecom is proposing the removal of 43 phone boxes in the Winchester district, as part of a national review.

Winchester City Council, as the local planning authority, is co-ordinating a consultation on the issue and will collate any responses from councillors, parishes and residents.

The phone boxes are located at sites spanning the whole district, with many of them in rural areas.

Council Leader George Beckett said: “These phone boxes are often an important resource for local people who don’t have easy access to private landlines or mobile phones. If anyone feels strongly about the subject they should respond to the consultation and make their voice heard.”

BT is also interested in hearing from people in favour of the removal of the phone boxes. All agreements or objections should be accompanied with specific comments or reasons.

People can alternatively write in to the Council at City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LJ. They must specifically identify which phone box their comments relate to.