OhGee's unique view

Check out OhGee’s exhibition at the view, Winchester’s visual arts space on Bridge Street. The exhibition of illustrations and design work called ‘Really Good and Really Bad’ runs from Friday 6 June to Friday 11 July 2008.

OhGee is a design project run by Illustration and Design student Gary Roberts who has just finished his second year at Winchester School of Art. Mixing intricately drawn illustrations with collages and digital mark making, his works are ever evolving in style and he deals with each brief with new eyes.

He is inspired by Cult Comics, Ted Hughes poetry, the 50's & 60’s, B-Movies, Japanese Art, Tattoos, Photobooths, Lon Chaney Sr. & Jr, LP's, Nature, Human Anatomy, QI, Facial Hair, Road Trips, Tex Avery, Polaroids, Real Monsters, and Bluebirds.

Talking about his work and inspiration, Gary said: "This showcase of work is taken from a variety of university projects and my day-to-day inspirations are thrown up by relationships with the people and world around me. My way of working helps me produce unique pieces of work using a variety of media and techniques. I recently swapped my blood for ink and now I just work all day and night with no need for sleep!"

For more information about the artist and his exhibition, please contact Gary at sayhellogee@hotmail.co.uk or visit his website at www.ohgee.co.uk

The view
is managed and funded by Winchester City Council’s Arts Development Service with the help of artist and teacher Ali Eales, and is for the display of new work created by local people who are either studying art or are early career artists and craft makers. If you would like more information about showing work there or about any of the artists involved, please contact Faye Pain in the City Council’s cultural services division on 01962 848 303 or email