A pat on the back for City Dog Wardens

City Council Animal Welfare staff came to the rescue of the Highways Agency last week when a stray dog was spotted on the M25 in Kent presenting a real danger to passing motorists.

City Council Animal Welfare Officer Zoë Martin was on her way to an animal shelter to deliver two dogs for re-homing when she spotted the dog on the motorway and pulled over to help the Highways Agency Officers deal with the incident.

By the time she arrived, the dog was being aggressive as it was clearly scared following its escapades on one of the country’s busiest road networks.

Luckily for the dog, Zoë was able to offer some pleasant temporary accommodation in her car whilst the owner was contacted and arrived to collect it.

Following the incident, Highways Agency staff contacted Sue Blazdell, Zoë’s Team Manager at the City Council and thanked her for the support Zoë had offered and admitted “we could not have done it without her”.

Commenting on the incident, Councillor Frank Pearson, Portfolio Holder for Health, Safety and Environment said.  “I am delighted that we were able to help in this situation which clearly required prompt action to prevent a nasty accident.

I congratulate Zoë on using her initiative and am glad that everything turned out OK.  Luckily, the dog was wearing a collar and tag (which is a legal requirement) so it was possible to contact the owner immediately.”

The incident reinforces the importance of ensuring that dogs are clearly identifiable so that owners can be traced quickly.  Owners are also responsible for ensuring that their dogs do not stray, as they can often end up in dangerous situations if left to fend for themselves.