Pay-by-phone Parking transactions reach 10,000

Winchester's Pay-by-phone parking system has now received over ten thousand transactions. The scheme is proving to be hugely popular with motorists who are keen to take advantage of the added flexibility offered by the Pay-by-phone system.

What are the main benefits of registering with the Pay-by-phone system?

- No more searching for the correct change for the ticket machine (You can pay by card)

- No more rushing back to the car to renew your ticket (you can top-up your payment by phone)

- No more forgetting to renew your ticket (You will get text alerts to remind you)

Do I have to pre-register to use the Park and Pay Service?

You do not need to pre-register to use the Park and Pay Service as it can be done when you pay for your first parking session. However if you prefer, you can register online at the Verrus Website before you go to the car park.

Once you have registered with Verrus, you will be able use the Verrus system at any other car park/on-street location in the UK where Verrus operates. Please click here to see the car parking areas within the UK where payment can be made with Verrus Pay By Phone.

Are there any extra charges when I use Park and Pay?

There is a small service charge made when using Park and Pay for the convenience and benefits that the system provides. The service charges are as follows:

10p for each parking charge of less than £2.00

20p for each parking charge of more than £2.00

10p for each text message reminder sent

10p for each text message confirmation sent

10p to extend to the duration of the parking period

For more information about Pay-by-phone Parking, visit the Pay-by-phone page.