Focusing on children's health

Winchester City Council’s River Park Leisure Centre is now recruiting families for its FREE summer 2008 MEND programme starting on Monday 28th April. 

The MEND programme (MEND stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it) focuses on the entire family, teaching both parents and children the principles behind MEND. These principles include healthy eating, active living and changing attitudes and behavior.  Developed over five years by leading experts in the field of childhood obesity, MEND is the UK’s largest ever healthy lifestyle programme for overweight children aged 7 -13.

The MEND programme consists of 18 sessions over 10 weeks, and includes fun swimming and studio sessions, nutrition sessions (including a supermarket tour), and theory sessions for the children and their families.

Janine Millard, Children’s Activities Coordinator for the centre said:

“There have already been 2 MEND programmes at River Park over the past year and the outcomes and feedback have been very positive.

It’s commonplace for youngsters who take part in the programme to change their body shape, reduce their waist circumference, and achieve a healthier weight for their age. These changes result in them being healthier, fitter and more self-confident.

Our experience so far has shown that MEND is also a great way to make lasting friendships and the new programme beginning this month represents a wonderful opportunity for families to make a positive start to the summer holidays.”

There are no costs involved in attending the MEND programme at River Park Leisure Centre, but the MEND team at the centre will need to assess whether children qualify for the programme based on their age, weight and health.

The MEND programme is designed to get children healthy and fit in only 10 weeks and, more importantly, it helps them to stay that way.

For further information, please call River Park Leisure Centre on 01962 848 700 or 01962 848 706