Neighbourhood Wardens tackle Mini Motorcycles in Highcliffe

Winchester City Council has been running a successful scheme to address the issue of mini motorcycles being driven illegally on our streets. The scheme was initiated in July this year by the Neighbourhood Wardens who sent letters to Highcliffe residents.

The letters requested that the local community come forward with any information about youths riding motorbikes illegally around the local streets. A positive response was forthcoming and individuals were identified by members of the public.

The wardens have spoken to several youths and have been pleased by their response. The youths were informed about the threat of conviction and the consequences that their families may face in respect to their anti-social behaviour. Since the start of the scheme in July, the wardens have received no reports from local residents with regard to the misuse of motorbikes in Highcliffe.

Neighbourhood Warden Supervisor Nigel Devlin said: “We are extremely happy with the response from the local community and the message that it has sent out to the people riding the motorbikes illegally around the streets. The community has clearly demonstrated that it will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.”

He added: “Whilst we are pleased that we have received no complaints since the start of the scheme, we will not be taking anything for granted. If this problem returns to the local streets, the Neighbourhood Wardens, in partnership with the Police, won’t hesitate to take action against anyone showing such disregard for the safety and wellbeing of fellow residents.”