Affordable housing that helps family life

Encouraging developers to create affordable housing that is right for families is at the top of Winchester City Council's agenda.

The City Council want to improve the quality as well as the quantity of affordable homes in the district. The Council have evidence that there is not enough family suitable accommodation available, with families not having the flexibility of space either to work from home, for children to play safely or to just get separate space for adults and children as and when they want it. Accommodation that is designed thinking about couples and single people's needs is also being encouraged.

Other aspects that make quality homes require developers and housing associations to think about the happiness and well being of the occupants, as well as environmental factors such as energy and water saving. 

A new supplementary planning document is out for consultation with the development industry at the moment but the Council would also like to hear from residents about their views on what the document proposes. Cllr Tony Coates, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities, said, "We want to help people feel comfortable in, and enjoy the place where they live, if people let us know what kind of issues concern them and how using the space in a house would help them then we can encourage developers and housing associations to provide affordable housing that meets those needs.

"The Council are committed to enabling more affordable housing to be built across the district are currently carrying out research into the scale of need".

Developers and residents can give us their feedback on-line via our website - just visit the consultation pages