Live-Work units: sustainable and great for new businesses

Winchester City Council, together with A2 Winchester Ltd, is bringing forward an exciting and innovative live-work development on land at Winnall in Winchester.

The new buildings will offer flexible living and working space for small businesses and will be highly sustainable and low carbon, which is the kind of development both organisations wish to encourage.

Planning permission has already been granted for the 12 live-work units and now that developer Footstep Homes is involved, the scheme has been given a new lease of life.

The plans to create a low-impact, environmentally sensitive, scheme are being realised through the sharing of a central biomass boiler, and each unit will have photo voltaic panels to capture energy from the sun. These features mean that the development should be carbon neutral.

Commenting, the Council's Chief Estates Officer Tony Langridge said: "We would love to see this project succeed as a demonstration of what is truly green, ultimately practical and highly attractive as a place to live and work."

The live-work units will provide a base for high value jobs and create much-needed space for small and start-up business in the city.