Winchester - towards our future

"Winchester - towards our future" was launched this week by Winchester's Town Forum. The document sets out a dynamic vision for Winchester which aims to bridge the gap between an evolving community that must build on its strengths while tackling its weaknesses, and one that must not lose its unique identity, heritage and people.

The final vision represents close collaboration across all parties of the council and  draws together the results of public meetings and debates with residents, businesses and even visitors to the town, reflecting the wide interest in the future of Winchester, and what it should aspire to be for a vibrant future.

Town Forum Chairman Cllr Peter Rees said, "This is the first attempt to present our vision for a vibrant and dynamic Winchester. The vision is not intended to be a plan or a set of commitments, but rather the Town setting out to policy makers and service providers how we want to work with them in shaping our future.

"We hope that everyone will read and comment upon this document so that we can respond to new opportunities that arise and new challenges that emerge in subsequent revisions".

Cllr George Beckett, Leader of the Council added, "We welcome this document as a useful guide to future plans and policy especially in the area of the economic development of the town, and look forward to hearing public comments on the content".

The document has been sent to various organisations that have been set the challenge of identifying areas where they can help develop Winchester into the place both residents and themselves would like it to be in the future.

An event is being held at the Theatre Royal on Tuesday 13 March to give residents the opportunity to come and discuss their views about the Vision with City Councillors, business leaders and other members of the public. More details will be available nearer the time.

The vision can be downloaded from the link below. To comment on the Vision please email Cllr Peter Rees