Museum's first Toga Tots event is a success

Toddlers got a glimpse back in time at the Roman way of life at a 'Toga Tots' event held by Winchester's Council's museum service.

A group of 10 under-fives went with their parents to the City Museum on Tuesday for a fun educational session, where they learnt about Marcus, a Roman boy whose life was not very different from their own.

To start off with the tots listened to a short rhyming story about what Romans wore and ate, before dressing up in togas and playing games with Roman-style objects. They also made a large mosaic of a Roman lady, with sheets spread out on the floor and lots of bits of paper and sticks of glue. At the end of the session the story was read out again and the toddlers shouted out the words that they learnt about.

Visitor Services Manager at Winchester City Sher Kent said: "Our first Toga Tots session in the City Museum was a great success - everyone enjoyed themselves.

"It's a fantastic way of interpreting history to a younger age group," she added. "We tried to dispel the 'Shh! don't touch' preconception people have about museums and encourage the children and parents to get really involved."

The event was such a success that the museum service hopes to make Toga Tots a monthly feature.

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