Live for the Future… A Sustainable Winchester District

Winchester City Council wants to ask you to Live for the Future. We hear lots about being more sustainable and preventing damage to the environment, but what does that really mean for the way we live in the Winchester District?

The Council wants to help local communities become more 'sustainable', which means they are not only great places to live, work and do business - but also take care of the environment and leave a good legacy for future generations.

We are working towards two important documents, the Local Development Framework and the Community Strategy: both look forward twenty years and will help us enhance our city, towns and villages, adapt to pressures such as climate change - and maintain a good quality of life for everyone.

Cllr George Beckett, Leader of the Council said, "It's hard to imagine what you will want for yourself, your children and your community in twenty years time, especially when things are changing so rapidly.   But to become a sustainable community we need to be thinking at least this far ahead. It's really important that people take time to consider the future of our City and District and talk to us about what will make their communities fit for the challenges of the 21st Century.

"Taking part in the Live for the Future events and questionnaire is a great opportunity for people to let us know their views and also to understand more about the work we are doing to ensure the Winchester District continues to be one of the best places to live in the UK."

We will be holding our 'Live for the Future' events all round the District in February and March, asking people how sustainable their area is, what we should maintain, and what needs to change. If you can not make one of our events you can still let us have your views by visiting our website and filling in the quick and simple on-line form.  Alternatively you can call 01962 840 222 and we will send you a paper copy of the questionnaire.

Get involved and feel proud of the district where you live - why not sign up for our e-newsletter to follow the progress of the 'Live for the Future' campaign?  Just register on the website and find out what other people want for our District.

For more information about dates and times of our events, about sustainable communities and what you can do to help, visit