Free short-stay parking in Winchester City Centre

Winchester City Council will make on-street parking free for the first half an hour to benefit small businesses in the city centre.

In a re-vamp of parking charges discussed today, the cabinet decided that the council will provide up to thirty minutes of free parking in on-street bays. This will allow shoppers to do quick errands around the city without having to pay car parking charges.

Cllr George Hollingbery said: "This is something that the local economy has been requesting for a while. I have had the opportunity to talk to small businesses such as locksmiths, dry cleaners and sandwich shops who are affected by increased car parking charges.
"People just pop in and out of these shops and free parking for half an hour will help these small businesses, especially in fringe areas such as Andover Road."

The decision was part of a discussion on the cabinet draft budget that will be debated by council on February 28. The cabinet are seeking to balance the books whilst restricting council tax increases to 2.9 per cent. This includes a package of growth items along with savings, adjustments to fees and some changes to parking charges.


The full document 'current and proposed car parking charges Option 9' is available on request. Call Alice Ainsworth on 01962 848251 or email