Kids say - "clean up after your dog!"

Anti dog fouling signs have been put up in Highcliffe, Winchester, after local school children were asked to submit a design to the City Council.

Local residents were concerned at the level of dog fouling in the area and a reluctance of some owners to clean up after their pets.

The Council's neighbourhood wardens enlisted the help of pupils from All Saints primary school and were supported by the Highcliffe Tenants Association and the Highcliffe Community Action Group

Neighbourhood warden Lesley Batchelor worked with the Council's animal welfare team and introduced the idea at a school assembly and over 20 designs were received from pupils, who were each given a "goodie bag."

The design by Zoe O'Connell was chosen by the wardens and the Tenants Association and has since been turned into signs that are displayed at key sites in Highcliffe.