Have your say!

Have you got an issue which you think needs looking at? From playgrounds to road safety, Winchester City Council is calling for topics that can be scrutinised as part of its programme of reviews to improve services for the residents of Winchester District.

Anyone with an interest in Winchester District is invited to submit a topic by 13 March to be reviewed by the City Council's Overview and Scrutiny Panels. It doesn't need to relate to a service which the City Council provides, but it does need to affect a significant proportion of the Winchester District community.

To submit an issue, use the online form on www.winchester.gov.uk  or contact Antonia Perkins on 01962 848 314 for a hard copy.

Each year City Councillors review up to two topics per scrutiny panel. These panels cover Social Issues, Environment Issues, the Local Economy and Resources, and each is overseen by the Principal Scrutiny Committee. Their task is to review what the City Council is doing for the District to make sure it is securing the best possible results for the area.

Among the current issues being reviewed by the scrutiny panels are engaging with the local community, community safety, e-government (the access of council services via the computer), and the use of open space funds. City Councillors have already looked at a wide range of topics such as emergency planning and community safety.

There are some criteria that topics need to meet before they can be considered. These can be found on our website http://www.winchester.gov.uk/ServiceL.asp?id=8674  

For more information, please contact Antonia Perkins on 01962 848 314 or email aperkins@winchester.gov.uk