Ballyhoo at the City Museum!

Press Release: 11/04/2006

The City Museum will be hosting artists from the creative company Ballyhoo on Easter Saturday 15 April from 11.30am to 3.30pm. Artists will be helping children make small sculptures based on motifs from medieval tiles on display in the museum.

One of the motifs is shaped like a lion but it is actually a human face surrounded by oak leaves. This lion-like face suggests it is a picture of the Green Man. This 13th/14th century inlaid tile once adorned the floor of Hyde Abbey, Winchester.

Over 2,000 Green Man images have been identified in England alone. They can be found on any surface that's open to ornamentation: capitals, corbels, choir stalls, fonts, screens, or roof bosses. This motif bridges past and present, connects the Christian world to ancient Celtic mythology, and also represents modern man and the natural world.
Given the church's condemnation of the old pagan gods, the last place you'd expect to find Green Man is within the Christian places of worship. This may be the church's attempt to "make safe" those elements of paganism it failed to stamp out. The motif of rebirth clearly has Christian applications that provided the Green Man protective status within the cathedrals and our own Hyde Abbey.

Admission to this event is free.
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